From the desk of Dave Mudge

Responsible, Profitable Dog Breeder

Dear friend;

If you’re like me, you love dogs so much, the thought of making serious money by breeding dogs literally is music to your ears.

As you’re sitting at your computer, reading this page, you’re seeing yourself making money part time, around your current job, without having to sell anything, sink thousands into a business or slave away doing a job you hate.

Most importantly…doing something you LOVE

I understand, it can be hard to genuinely see yourself raking in the cash like this, after all, most dog breeders never make any money, they even lose money on the deal, they do it just for the love of breeding dogs. However, this isn’t the real issue for you, it’s actually the fact that most breeders just don’t have the kind of information you’re about to benefit from, and so of course they can’t make money.

To be perfectly honest, I’m not doing this to become some sort of Dog Breeding “guru”.

I’m don’t want to be famous – heck, all this attention is kind of freaking me out. I’m just a guy, sharing my experiences with people so they can create a fun business from home, caring for their dogs while making good money.

Alternatively, there are the puppy mills, uncaring breeders who breed as many dogs as they can find, as often as they can manage it, keeping their animals in terrible conditions and selling the pups to pet stores and naive buyers, without a care for the dogs’ welfare.

If this is YOU, if you’re a puppy mill breeder or would like to become one for some reason, then this information isn’t for you.

In fact, let me tell you exactly who this information is NOT for:

  • This information is NOT for anyone who wants to make millions on the internet without lifting a finger, if you believe that kind of hype, there are plenty of charlatans who will take your money. This is an honest business for people who want to sleep at night
  • This information is NOT for anyone who doesn’t absolutely love dogs to bits, I know from experience, if you love what you do you’ll never “work” a day in your life
  • This information is NOT for anyone who is looking to do the wrong thing, to rip honest people off. You’re about to uncover a powerful method of making serious money from home – and if you’re not on the level, I don’t want your money
  • This information is NOT for anyone who cuts corners, skips steps or wants to cheat the system at the expense of their dogs. Sure, this is a very powerful shortcut you’ve found, and it will reduce your learning curve and boost your results, but these are real live thinking and feeling animals we’re dealing with, and if you want to run a puppy farm, you’re in the wrong place

Let’s face it, I’m not much for words, so I’ll get right into it:

The Dog Breeding Academy – Your Key To Breeding Dogs & Making Money From Home

If you’ve ever wanted to combine your love of Dogs with a home based business which could get you tens of thousands of dollars around whatever you’re doing now, then you’re in the right place at the right time.

When you join your new family at the Dog Breeding Academy in a few minutes, you’ll discover:

  • How I made $28,000 NET last year breeding dogs, all my secrets revealed
  • How to “Make Money In The Dark” – Your family & friends will all think you’re simply a dog lover…never realizing just how much you’re making with each litter
  • How to get started quickly & easily, no fuss, no huge expenses, no need to radically change your life at all
  • How much room you need to breed dogs responsibly (Hint: you do NOT need a farm or even a large back yard!)
  • Our simple step-by-step system for getting started quickly and easily
  • What is the right kind of dog to breed for YOU and your situation
  • Just how little is this going to cost (Discover how to get started and become a successful breeder with zero capital)
  • How to find the perfect “stud” dog, the perfect female and the perfect combination to create pups that will SELL
  • The valuable time-saving short-cuts I’ve created so you don’t have to learn by “trial-&-error”

I understand if you’re not quite sure about all this yet, even if you’ve been thinking about breeding dogs for some time.  This is because you haven’t yet thought about this in terms of making serious money, part time, from home, working with animals you love, and when you do, you’ll find it dead easy to understand, and implement profitably.


However – the Dog Breeding Academy is NOT just some ebook you’ll buy but never read

Far from it. In fact, the Dog Breeding Academy is an entire community dedicated to helping you maximize the return from your litters, and creating for you a better dog breeding business. On the left is what you’ll see in a few minutes when you first log in to the members’ area.

Because my passion is to help you breed happy dogs and make sure they’re comfortable, rather than providing a basic product and charging top dollar for it, I’ve made sure you have the best resources I could find to assist you, included in the Dog Breeding Academy community you’re about to join.


Here’s a rundown of what you’re getting access to:

“Dog Breeding Guide”

Discover the secret techniques I used to make $28,000 last year breeding my loveable French Bulldogs.

As you start reading the Dog Breeding Guide, you’ll realize I’ve left no stone unturned in creating a path to dog breeding sucess for you. Revealed for the first time”

  • How to get started fast – How to get started breeding and get a litter of desirable pups faster than you ever thought possible
  • Secrets to finding the perfect breed of dog to suit YOU and YOUR situation, for maximum enjoyment and PROFIT
  • Preparation made easy – How to set up your home for breeding, what to feed both adults & pups, how to make them comfortable and productive for you
  • Mating best practices – How to find the perfect mate, and ensure you get a litter of beautiful puppies first time, every time
  • Breeding mistakes to avoid – Learn from my years of experience and make sure you get it right, instead of risking everything by going it alone
  • Puppy sales 101 – How to get the absolute best price for your pups, secrets of selling puppies for profit without becoming a puppy mill breeder

Frankly, there’s just too much to list here, this book was a labor of love which I created to make sure YOU can easily become a successful dog breeder without the steep learning curve I went through.


“Dog Breeding Academy Membership”

Understand this: Because the secret to true dog breeding success is keeping in touch, I’m extending a FREE invitation to join the Dog Breeding Academy for an entire month, with no obligation

Dog breeders like you and me are looking for ongoing success, and the only way to do this is to remain a part of our community, benefiting from the resources and expert advice such as:

  • 24 hour On-Demand access to a registered breeder – somebody who has done it before many times, and can offer you help when you need it (see below…)
  • 24 hour On-Demand access to a practicing Veterinarian – any time you have a concern about the health of your dogs or pups, let us know (see below…)
  • Stay friends with all of us here at the Dog Breeding Academy – we’re always on hand, ready to offer any assistance to a member in need
  • Member’s only area, where you’ll find videos, ebooks, links to useful resources and other important stuff only accessible to members

OK, I admit it, if you’re not really serious about breeding dogs and making money, if you aren’t interested in ongoing help & support to carry you through any rough patches, this may not be of interest to you. If not, you may as well leave this page now.

But if you want true ongoing success, I believe the people you associate with, even if it’s online, will influence your results greatly. This is why I’m happy to offer you a FREE month of the Dog Breeding Academy membership, valued at $97, to you today at no cost, no obligation.

If you’re like me, you’ll stay at least for a while and benefit beyond what you can imagine now, however if you’d like to leave at any time, even if it’s within the first month, just let us know and you won’t be charged another cent. No questions, no sweat, just cancel your subscription and everyone’s happy

“Frequently Asked Breeding Questions”

Here’s all the questions you wanted to know about breeding dogs but were afraid to ask! Set out in a easy to read “Q&A” format, this ebook alone is enough to turn even a rank beginnner into a successful dog breeder.

Here’s a small sample of the questions answered inside:

  • How do I know when my dog is pregnant?
  • Where can I get dogs for FREE to get my business started?
  • What is the best time to mate?
  • How do I minimize vet fees and still look after my dogs well?

This is simply a collection of the questions I am most frequently asked about dog breeding and how to do it well.


“Dog Breeding Videos”

Here’s how you can see for yourself exactly what to do and what to expect – from the comfort of your own home in your video section!

If you’re anything like me, you always find other dog breeding products harder to understand – because watching videos really helps you get a grip on the subject with your own eyes, for example:

  • Mating Made Easy – A layman’s guide to successful & comfortable mating
  • How To Tell – Signs to look for that she’s pregnant
  • What To Expect When Your Dog Is Expecting – Tips on looking after your female and her precious cargo
  • Puppy Midwifery – How to easily and safely deliver a litter of pups into the world

Along with several other titles, they’ll play on a Windows PC or a Mac, and they’ll take you by the hand and guide you through all the tips & tricks you’ll ever need to breed dogs successfully


“24hr Access To A Registered Breeder”

Look over the shoulder of an expert, experienced dog breeder in what I call “ethical cheating”, and benefit from their years of dog breeding experience.

There’s no reason to go it alone – all this country’s pioneers got was…shot full of arrows! Learn from those who are where you want to be and get a head start:

  • Get the secrets of dog breeding which are working, and working today
  • Meet some expert dog breeders who were once exactly where you are now
  • Gain the benefits of their years of experience

Every top sports man & woman has a coach who they turn to for help & advice, for me this proves the value of an experienced mentor


“24hr Access To A Qualified Vet”

Picture it: There’s a problem which has you concerned, and you’d like to speak to a vet – but it’s 11pm and a 24hr vet is very expensive, not to mention a long drive away…

All you do is log into the dog breeding academy member’s area and you’ll have round-the-clock access to a qualified vet and it won’t cost you an extra cent!

  • Instant 24 hour round-the-clock service – your questions answered any time of day or night
  • No hidden costs – This is a full feature of the members’ only area – no upsells, no sneaky charges or tricks
  • Straight-up, no nonsense advice – Good news or bad, our online vets care only for the welfare of your dogs, so they’ll give you straight advice you can follow
  • Strictly layman’s terms only – No fancy scientific language you need a degree to understand – our vets realize that plain, simple language works best

Never take any chances with your dogs – just like us humans, getting medical attention quickly can mean the difference between an uncomfortable night and tragedy


“Members’ Only Dog Breeding Forums”

A common issue people have with dog breeding is that it can be lonely, but no more – you’ll have full access to the Dog Breeding Academy Members’ Only Forums where you can discuss anything and everything to do with breeding dogs.

Some frequently asked (and answered) questions:

  • “How do I tell when the best time to mate my dog is?”
  • “What happens if she’s sick while she’s pregnant?”
  • “How do I find new homes for my pups before they’re born?”
  • “Can they really look after themselves all day while I’m at work?”

I’m inviting you to become a part of our community, share stories, help others, get to know other breeders, vets, etc


“Done-For-You Dog Breeding Contracts”

For some, getting the right paperwork done is a dreaded chore. Lawyers grow fat on the fees of their clients (Not that I have anything against lawyers you understand…)

Now it’s time to fire your lawyer and get all the paperwork and contracts you’ll need with these done-for-you contracts, i.e:

  • Stud Service Contract
  • Pet Quality Puppy Contracts
  • Limited Registration Contract
  • Spay/Neuter Contract
  • Show Puppy Contracts
  • Co-Ownership Contracts
  • Puppy Selling Contract

And others. Why waste hundreds, even thousands of dollars to have a lawyer draw up these documents for you when they’re right here? Or worse still, why take the risk of going without them, when for a small sum you can use them over and over again


“Dog Breeding Database”

Here’s one of the most critical and time-and-labor-saving components of the entire package – our comprehensive, regularly updated databases you’ll use over and over to find exactly what you want, first time, every time.

Here are the databases you’ll be using:

  • Stud Database – Locate a suitable stud anywhere in the world, or right around the corner
  • Benefit 2 here…Veterinarian Database – Not only helps you find a nearby vet for yourself, you could even refer buyers to a vet near them
  • Puppy Database – Find the perfect puppy in an instant
  • Breeder Database – You’re not alone! All your fellow breeders are listed right here – I’m betting you’ll find some new dog breeding friends around the corner

You’ll also be able to find and compare any dog breeding related service anywhere in the world, or in your home town or suburb

Now that’s quite a package. $1,245.00 in total, and it’s all yours for the low price of just $97. (Remember you’re also getting into the Dog Breeding Academy’s Members’ Only Area for an entire month for FREE.

Then, if you’re still serious about using the Dog Breeding Academy to ensure the success of your dog breeding business, after a month we’ll start billing you only $47 per month and you can continue to benefit from all the exclusive resources.

And in the unlikely event that you want to leave the Dog Breeding Academy, for any reason whatsoever, simply click here and fill in the short form, and we’ll never charge you another cent. You can do this at any time, immediately after you join, or years from now. Either way, there will be no questions asked.

In fact, I want to make this as risk free as I possibly can…

You read that right. I’m happy to put my money where my mouth is and stand behind the Dog Breeding Academy all the way. And in the unlikely event you aren’t completely satisfied with the program, when you join us in a minute, our payment processor will send you all the information you need to request a refund if you need to.

You won’t have to “explain yourself”, you won’t have to answer any questions, I couldn’t handle your refund if I wanted to – ClickBank protects the public by handling this themselves on the rare occasion they are called upon.

But to be honest…if you’re already thinking about a refund…are you serious?

Please believe me when I say, the Dog Breeding Academy will help you become a successful dog breeder. However, if you’re not willing to invest in yourself, if you can’t find a few dollars to invest in your education, you may not make it as a dog breeder after all.

I know you’re not like this, but if you are going to use my ideas to run a puppy mill, if you want to cram dogs into a small space and churn out puppies on a conveyor belt, I don’t want your money, and this community doesn’t take kindly to puppy mill breeders.

And all you have to do is say “Maybe”

Remember, I’m not asking for any kind of commitment, if you find the Dog Breeding Academy isn’t for you, that’s fine, you won’t lose a cent. The risk is all on me.

In fact, all I’m asking is that you realize that maybe there’s something here, maybe we can all share our experiences with you, maybe it’s worth a few minutes of your day to ensure your breeding success.

But you won’t make the connection from new ideas to implementation, to success, to selling litters of pups, simply by printing this page out or by “thinking about it”.

You will however get a head start on everyone else by joining the Dog Breeding Academy right now by clicking on the button below. Join us right now, while you’re here, and I personally guarantee you’ll look back on this moment as the moment you became a successful dog breeder.

See you on the inside,

Dave Mudge